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Proporta GBA SP Aluminum Case

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Review - Proporta GBA SP Aluminum Case
(Added 4th December 2003)


I don't know about you but my GBA SP stays in my pocket twenty-four hours a day. Unfortunately, it also shares the same pocket as my keys. As you might have guessed (and looking at the picture below), the shared accommodation has resulted in some rather unsightly scuff and scratches on the finish of my poor SP.

I've only had my SP for five months and although I wanted desperately to provide it with some sort of protection, I was hesitant, as most of the SP cases I've seen were all either too bulky or poorly designed for quick access. Luckily for me, however, Proporta has just released their new GBA SP Aluminum Case and were kind enough to send us a review sample.

My unprotected SP.

Features Of The Proporta Aluminum Case

According to Proporta:

"The Proporta protective aluminum case offers your Game Boy Advance SP unrivalled protection against scratching, dropping, wear and tear, game-related tantrums and acts of indiscriminate violence. Its sleek lines perfectly follow the shape of your game console, cutouts give access to all ports and controls and you can even choose between a metallic blue or silver finish. Not only that but because it's made of aircraft grade aluminum, it's very light."

- Made from aircraft grade Aluminum.
- Available in the 2 original GBA SP colors (Cobalt Blue & Metallic Silver).
- Easy install and removal.
- Cut outs for easy access to all buttons, switches & ports.

Installation Of Proporta Aluminum Case

Fitting the SP into the case is very easy. First, open the case. Next, open you SP and place the screen side first under the lip of the case. Once you've got it aligned, gently squeeze the rest of the SP into the case. The Proporta case has been specially designed to fit the dimensions of the SP perfectly, so there is no doubt whatsoever that everything will fit nice and snug. It'll only take a few seconds, after which you're SP will not only be well protected in its new aluminum case, but will also look "funky" as well.

Fitting the SP into the case.

Nice and protected.

Cutouts provided for easy access.

My Time With The Proporta Aluminum Case

The inevitable response I get whenever I show off the Proporta case is, "Wow!!!". No doubt about it, the case is sleek and unique and all my friends are quite jealous that I have one.

Aside from the good looks though, the case has also done well to protect my SP and after 3 weeks in my pocket along with my keys, the aluminum finish of the case shows only minimal visual damage, testament no doubt to the quality aircraft grade aluminum used in its construction. I also dropped it a few times, and I'm glad to report that nothing untoward has happened to the case and more importantly, my SP.

It isn't invincible of course or water proof and the case will not help if your SP gets run over by a truck or falls down a well. But for normal everyday use, the Proporta case offers more than adequate protection.

Another thing I liked about the Proporta case is that it doesn't add any unnecessary bulk, thanks to its custom fit and use of sheet thin aluminum. It will of course add just a few millimeters to your SP's overall dimensions, but because I have big hands, I found that this was actually a blessing since it made my SP more comfortable to grasp while playing.

I was initially concerned, however, that the case might hamper access to the SP's controls, particularly the L & R buttons and game ports. Well, let me tell you that my concerns were irrelevant. The Proporta case has cut outs and nothing important on the SP is blocked, which means easy hook up for a multi player game or a quick recharge without ever having to remove the case.

Final Comments About The Proporta Aluminum Case

Proporta are well known for their high quality PDA cases and accessories, and this Aluminum Case is their first product for the GBA SP. For a first product, however, it is amazingly well made, and due no doubt to the wealth of experience they already have in the PDA market. Proporta knows what customers want and their aluminum case is exactly what I've always wanted for my GBA SP. After all, the SP isn't exactly cheap, and the Proporta Aluminum case is in my opinion, one of the best currently available to protect your investment.

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