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Gameplay Tips
Final Fantasy Adventure

Developing Your Character
You can develop your character in 3 ways

A Warrior - (low on MP, high on Power) - This is the easiest way to play. Once you raise your power to over 70, you can take out most monsters in this game with one blow! You’ll need about 30 MP later in the game for healing though, especially in the boss fights.

To develop your Warrior, choose Stamina the first 10-20 levels you level-up. (Your Power goes up 1 point each time you select Stamina.) Choose Power from then on, until you get to between 65-75 in Power. Then go for Wisdom, which raises your MP and the effectiveness of your spells.

A Mage - (high on MP, low on Power) - This is the most challenging way to play. Expect to heal yourself a lot! Carry as many X-Ethers and Elixers as you can. Some of the bosses seem to be immune to magic, so you’ll need some power later in the game. It’s pretty cool though, casting Nuke as much as you like! To develop your Mage, choose Stamina the first 10-20 levels you level-up. (You will desperately need those hitpoints, and your Power will raise to a high enough level to do some damage with your weapons.) Choose Wisdom from then on, until you get to between 75-99 in Wisdom. (Your MP -magic points- will be high enough that you can cast spells almost all of the time. And as so many monsters leave Ethers and X-Ethers later in the game, you can keep your MP full with little effort!) Then go for Power, as you will be needing some strength to take out the monsters and bosses who are immune to most spells.

A Warrior/Mage - (equal levels of MP and Power) - Probably the best way to play. As a warrior/mage, you can do a decent amount of damage with your weapons as well as cast enough spells to heal yourself or take out any monster who’s immune to most weapons.

To develop your Warrior/Mage, choose Stamina the first 10-20 levels you level-up. (See a pattern here? If you don’t choose Stamina the first 10-20 levels, you won’t have enough hitpoints to stay alive!) Then alternate between Power and Wisdom the rest of the level-ups.
For Those Who Don’t Have A Manual, Here’s The Way Level-Ups Work
Each time you defeat a monster, you get a certain amount of experience. When you get enough experience, your level will go up. (Your hitpoints and magic points will be restored each time your level goes up!) You will be given a choice at this point to choose your character’s growth type. The type you select will go up 2 points. CHOOSING POWER will raise the damage your weapons cause. Your Will and Stamina will go up 1 point each. Your attack damage will increase each time you choose Power. CHOOSING WISDOM will raise your magic points and the amount of damage or healing your spells will do. Your Will and Stamina will go up 1 point each when you choose Wisdom. CHOOSING STAMINA will raise your hitpoints higher, and the higher your Stamina, the more your hitpoints will increase with each level-up. Your Will and Power will go up 1 point each. CHOOSING WILL will speed up how quickly your meter bar will fill up, allowing more special attacks. Your Stamina will go up 1 point each time you select Will. The maximum amount in any Growth Type is 99.
Level - Upping 101
There are two areas in the game that are great for upping your levels quickly. One in on the way to the airship. Watch for a screen with a group of werewolves bunched up in the middle-left side of a screen with lots of trees. Enter this area from the screen to the left. (Make sure your meter bar is full!) Start the twirling sword move and keep that button down until all those big bad wolves are Toast! The other area is after the airship, but before the desert. Watch for a screen with a row of werewolves on the left side. Use your wind staff (once again, make sure your meter bar is full) and let it blast! Your strength needs to be at around 28 to take these dudes out in one hit, but they’re pretty easy to pick off one by one after that first blast until you up your strength to 30. (And you will want your strength at around 30 at this point!)
Some Basic Tips

Breakable Walls

There are some dead-giveaway clues in some rooms that tell you if there’s a breakable wall in them.

  • The Mouse: A single mouse will be in a room when you enter. I assume it must have a mouse-hole that you can hit to crack the wall open.
  • The Pumpkin: Only pumpkins in a room when you enter. Their roots have put cracks in one of the walls, perhaps?
  • The Floating Face: Only a floating face in a room when you enter.
  • Also, watch for a wall with two patches of grass, plants or dirt by it. Or with two pillars by it. This is a clue that there may be a breakable wall. Remember to test any walls you suspect with a weapon. You will hear a kind-of beeping noise if the wall can be broken. And anytime you find yourself at a dead-end, test all the walls in the nearby rooms!
How To Ice Your Way To Secret Passages
Coming Soon!
Finding Keys And Mattocks
When exploring dungeons, caves, castles and such, you will need to restock your supply of keys and mattocks. There is a special room the programmers put into this game to help you! It is in almost every major dungeon, even in the last one, so if you ever run out of keys, look for this room!!!! I call this room the KEY AND MATTOCK ROOM. There is always a combination of skeletons (that leave keys), and those bouncy-ball monsters (that leave mattocks). Anytime you reach a room like this in the game, the programmers are trying to tell you that you should re-stock up on keys and mattocks. (You should never need more than 3 sets of keys and two sets of mattocks at any one time.) Of course, once you get the Star weapon, you’ll never need to carry mattocks after that!

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