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Sword Of Hope

What is Sword of Hope?

Sword of Hope, and it's sequel Sword of Hope 2, are unique RPG's. They combine classic Role-Playing elements of games like the Final Fantasy Legend series with the search and explore features of the Shadowgate series. You see from the point of view of the hero, Theo, and can examine many things in each screen. There are many hidden treasures, secret areas, and mysteries to discover.

sword of hopesword of hopesword of hope

Added to these features from the Shadowgate series are those of classic RPG's. You battle enemies in a turn-based battle system. Which means that you choose your move(s), the game chooses the enemies', and the moves are done. If your character(s) are faster than the enemy, they may get to move first. There are magic spells as well as weapons, and you need to learn which moves are better against the different types of enemies you will encounter. Your character(s) also gain experience from battles, and go up in levels. Sword of Hope is a password save game, and Sword of Hope 2 is a battery save game.

In Sword of Hope 1, the hero takes on the enemy by himself. Sword of Hope 2 has a number of adventurers who will join you. Most will leave at the end of a particular quest, others will stay with the hero throughout most of the game.

Sword of Hope Passwords
Click here for Passwords to Levels 7, 14, 15, 17 and 19
Sword of Hope Galoob Game Genie Codes

Sword of Hope (tm) Game

  • 001-72B-F75-----Infinite hit points
  • 09A-BFD-F7E-----Start with 11 dexterity points
  • 09A-C4D-F7E-----12 stamina points
  • F04-A0C-6E9-----Shaman is free
  • F0A-3CC-6E9-----Forest shop is free

Sword of Hope is a trademark of Kemco.

Sword of Hope Game Tips and Spoilers

The Forest

  • Talk to the trees! Use the Look command to talk to trees and people.
  • There's a secret in the Shop.

Martel's Domain

  • Some places here will need to be visited twice.
  • Try Using spells and items at the Altar and Organ.
  • Look at the Gravestone of the Swordsman's Grave.
  • Try Hitting Walls and other things throughout the game. You never know what you might discover!
  • Beware! Some chests have Mimics hiding in them. Very dangerous for a low-level hero. It's best to save/write down the passwords before opening chests, in case you meet a Mimic or other enemy.

Shabow's Domain

  • If you find yourself stuck, try the Look command.

Shabow's Domain-The Cave

  • Draw a map as you go. There are many one-way-only passageways here!
  • Enemies lie hidden in some chests. Make sure you are fully healed before opening one!

Camu's Domain

  • A basic rule of RPG's: whenever you find a place that restores your hitpoints and/or magicpoints use it. And save the game/write down the passwords! There is often a dangerous enemy to fight very near.
  • Left is better than right.
  • It's best not to get wet.
  • Three dwarves: Two will fool, one will help.
  • Once again, try hitting things! Secrets and items may be revealed.
  • Draw a map as you travel through the Castle. Include details of the rooms in your map. There is one here who can help you find your way.

Boss Weaknesses

  • Treant - Weak against Fire
  • Slug - Weak against Lightning
  • Other Bosses - Unknown. Try different spells and your weapons, and keep your hitpoints full!
Some Final Words
I don't own this game yet. I hope to find a copy of it soon. Much of the information was gotten (though I rewrote and added a bit) from an old, out of print cluebook.I do have Sword of Hope 2, and am working on a FAQ and charts for it. If you have any tips or walkthroughs (even partial would be very cool) for either Sword of Hope game, E-Mail Me!

There is almost nothing written about this game and it's sequel. And both are great games! I'm about halfway through Sword of Hope 2, and find it just as good as the Final Fantasy Legend series. It's a bit different in point of view and exploration. Which I enjoy a lot. Makes the game a bit more realistic when you can interact with what's on the screen. If you find either of these games, buy them! They are somewhat rare, and well worth adding to your game collection!

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