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Pocket Monsters Stadium
Gold & Silver
15 July 2000
By Shoji

Pocket Monsters Stadium 3 looks like it's set to be another winner for Nintendo of Japan. Scheduled for release in December, Part 3 will feature the new Pokemon from the Gold & Silver series. As usual, players will be able to upload saved Pokemon from the GameBoy game to the N64 using the 64GB adaptor. As you can see from the screen-shots below, the new Pokemon look truly awesome in glorious 3D, and some of the new moves and visual effects are breath taking. The game is still in development, but as far as we can tell, some of the new features will include:

  • Up to 6 more commands including the standard "Exchange", "Escape" and "Pokemon".
  • "Legendary" and "Mysterious Pokemon" like Entei, Un-Known and Mariru can use all Pokemon.
  • Pokemon from Red, Blue & Green with different colors that are discovered in the Gold and Silver version will also be playable e.g. Red Gyarados.
  • Pokemon in the Gold and Silver GameBoy game infected with "Pokerus" grow quickly. These Pokemon, when uploaded into Pokemon Stadium 3, will have special powers and skills depending on battle conditions.

Pichu ready to rumble!


Mariru is so blue!

Chicolita's Razor Leaf!

Entei uses Pikachu!

Yorunozuku vs Gyarados!

Kapoera's Super Spin!

Hinoarashi's Flame Thrower!

Transfer Pokemon data from the GameBoy game to the N64 using the 64GB adaptor.

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