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Pokemon de Panepon
"Pokemon Block Game"
16 July 2000
By Shoji

Nintendo of Japan, will be releasing a new Pokemon block game called "Pokemon de Panepon" on 21st September 2000. The game will be based on the same engine and mechanics as the previously released "Yoshi no Panepon" (English Tetris Attack). The game will feature Pokemon from the old as well as the new Gold and Silver GameBoy game. "Pokemon de Panepon" is expected to retail for 3800 Yen.

There is no news yet on an English release, although we speculate that this game could be the fabled "Pokemon Attack", later renamed to "Pokémon Puzzle League", that's supposed to be released by NOA as the interim game before Pokemon Gold & Silver. Well, we hope it is, seeing as how so many Pokemon fans are just dying for any kind of new Pokemon game.

Point changes, changes your Pokemon too!

Cute pictures as reward after each completed stage!

"Auto-Save" function! Thank goodness!

Looking Good!

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