Final Fantasy Adventure / Square Soft 1991
Genre Action RPG
Reviewer Dreamfire
final fantasyYou are the hero, a gladiator who discovers a terrible threat to your world. You must travel from challenge to challenge, exploring all dungeons, caves, towers and castles, and defeating all bosses that stand between you and the completion of your quest.

Throughout the game, you are joined by an occasional NPC (non-player character) who assists you through certain areas of the game. Some will restore your hitpoints or magic points. One will actually buy from and sell to you various items. Others will fight the monsters and bosses with you. Sometimes they can be a nuisance (as you'll discover for yourself) but they are often invaluable in a particular area of your quest! And if you “ask” them, many will give you a valuable hint or clue.

Your character gains experience, and goes up in levels. When it's time to go up a level, you are given the options on how your character will develop. He can be a powerful fighter with little magic, a mage with little strength but very powerful magic, or a Fighter/Mage who is balanced both on magic and power (strength).

The whole game is real-time. You can pause the game if you like, and the monsters will not attack while you change weapons or select items, but if you don't think fast, you're dead. Of course there's always reset! As is stated above, the game is real-time. You will have a wide variety of weapons you can choose to fight with.

My favorites are the ones that you swing around you in a circle. With enough power, you can potentially take out all the monsters on a screen with one swing!

There are monsters you will need to use special weapons on or cast spells to take out. (You will also find a large variety of temporary ability boosters and special healing and magic point restorers left by monsters.)

The monsters and other enemies each have their own special attacks and moves. Some will rush you. Some will throw spells at you. Others will cause special damage or effects when they come in contact with you. (The first Moogle?)

They have excellent AI (artificial intelligence), and it takes lots of clever thinking to figure out how to defeat all of them.

The dungeons, caves, towers and castles are often complex, and mapping is often not just a good idea, but a necessity. And there are plenty of tricky rooms and perplexing questions to figure out.
Verdict An excellent game! And an absolute must if you enjoy games like Zelda. This game has good replay value (I've played it over 30 times and still feel the urge to play it again sometimes). The ability to develop your character as you like, and the complexity and variety of the different areas of the game make this, in my opinion, the best Action/RPG game for the GameBoy! (Of course Zelda comes a close second.)