Genre Action / Strategy
Reviewer Dreamfire
kingdom crusadeYou start with your choice of 3 sizes of worlds. (It looks like you may be able to play against another player if you have the setup, as the next screen shows “standard computer vs. gameboy” when I start the game with just the basic gameboy setup.) Next you have the choice of being light or dark (this game reminds me a little of live chess sometimes). Finally, you can choose your handicap (or lack of handicap).

Basically, this means how much of the screen you can control. You can start with almost none of the screen, or with a lot of the screen. At the start of the game, you get a complete guide that tells you just about everything you need to know to play the game. This includes a basic tutorial, full stats on each character, a health (or hit point restoring) item chart, an attribute upping item chart, and a “spell” chart (items that will allow a character to either have a protective spell on him/her, track a weapon, revive a player, or “shrivel enemy.”)

There are two ways to win this game. One is to defeat all the enemy characters moving around the game screens. The other is to capture all the castles by occupying them (surrounding them.) Only one character may occupy a square at a time. If there is an enemy on a square you move your character to, a battle ensues between your character and the enemy's character.

If you are victorious, the square will turn your color. If the enemy defeats your character, the square will stay its color. As your character walks across an area, the squares will change color; this works the same for the enemy's characters.

To conquer a castle, you must surround it with squares of your color. You go back and forth between your characters, checking the map frequently to keep up with the enemy's movements. Your chosen character moves through a real area, moving around trees, fences and huts, finding as many attribute raising items that he/she can before the enemy's characters find them. Entering one of your castles restores hitpoints.

It's a fast moving game, and potentially habit-forming.
Verdict An odd little game. But having my queen bounce around like a crazed bunny rabbit fighting a knight or king is an experience I won't forget. Pretty bizarre! And the pace of the game can really force you to keep on your toes. I consider this to be mainly a collector's item, but I can see some players really enjoying it and playing it for hours on end. If you come across it, definitely buy it!