Final Fantasy Legend / Square Soft, 1989
Genre Turn Based RPG
Reviewer Dreamfire
final fantasy legendFinal Fantasy Legend is a classic-style Japanese RPG, as well as classic Square Soft Final Fantasy.

It’s turn-based in battle: where you pick your moves, the game picks the monsters‘ moves, and the battle begins! (In this game, the agility of the character or monster determines who goes first.) The basic plot involves climbing a tower to try to find Paradise.

Like most classic Final Fantasy’s, you need to collect a series of crystal objects, fight assorted elemental fiends and other monster bosses, and it heavily features Mana. If you don’t have mana, you can’t cast effective spells or use mana/psi weapons.

The Mutants’ mana goes up naturally.You’ll need a game genie to give a human mana. A feature in this game that was common in older RPG’s, but rare in newer games, is that you can pick your own party! Any mix of humans, mutants and monsters that you like…Humans can be maxed in hitpoints, strength, and agility.

You purchase these abilities and feed them to your humans. They are very powerful fighters. Mutants develop abilities and special attacks (they tend to lose the most useful attacks a bit too quickly though), in an odd system that will is explained in the tips area of my column. They can “cast” devastating magic attacks using wands, spellbooks, and such, but tend to get lower hitpoints if you don’t develop them carefully.

Monsters are a lot of fun, but can be a handicap if you don’t get them munching the right monster meat to transform them into more powerful monsters. My favorite party usually consists of one human, two mutants, and a monster.
Verdict A classic and a must-play! This is the first in a series of 3 Final Fantasy Legends made for the gameboy by Square Soft. While some of the elements of the game may seem quirky, (like the way mutants develop), and some of the gameplay may take some getting used to, Final Fantasy Legend offers much to the RPG gamer! It’s very challenging, has many worlds to explore, and lets you have a huge variety of monster types as members of your party.

Square Soft never ceases to amaze me! As all of the Final Fantasy games have been re-released in the United States, there should be a lot more copies of this game out there, both new and used. And if it’s not currently available in your country, keep checking back here at the Euro-Asia Gameboy for updates on when it will hopefully become available…