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Title: Bob The Builder GBC
Publisher: Nintendo Europe/Hit Entertainment and BBC
Features: Password Save, Game Level Option, Euro Language Option
Format: Mini-Games
Reviewer: Valerie and her 5 year old nephew, Andrew

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Heard of Bob The Builder? He's from England. From a BBC animation series set in Bob's Yard in the town of Brixwood. The TV series features a gang of five all-talking, all-action building machines which are under the control of their absent-minded owner, Bob the Builder. Bob's always in his signature yellow construction boots and hard hat. The machines, well, they certainly are a mischievous bunch with really cute big expressive eyes and cheeky looks. I could go on and on about this... I'm a Bob The Builder fan and with my 5 year old nephew, we take on the task of reviewing this game so that other younger gamers can delve into the world of GameBoy knowing what to expect out of just one of the many kiddy games Nintendo has to offer them.


A series of mini games each featuring a different character. You get to control all the characters you see in the show, one at a time of course. So if you're a construction fan, this is one rare opportunity from a handheld game. Everything's straight forward. There is no need for any manual to be read. All the instructions are on-screen and in simple "kids" English. The object of the game: "Bob and Wendy are planning a picnic by the river for everyone but before they go, there's work to be done...." Your job, to help Bob and his friends go about their tasks and then after it's all done, visit Scoop who will go with you and your construction friends on the picnic.

It's all about mini games. Platform style ones with which Bob must climb up and down buildings to search for roof panels or parcels, and even mend fences. One which as Bob you venture through the woods and find Herring to feed Pilchard your Cat. Another where Bob has to pick up music sheets that have blown off the bandstand. A game which requires Roley to be steered around obstacles as he levels the road. A game of skill where Lofty has to lower his crane and save ducks from washing downstream. Plus yet another of Dizzy catching apples for the picnic basket. Oh! And you also have to use Muck to help farmer Pickles mend his wall. So much to do but it's all worth every effort when you finally get to go on that picnic!

To add some puzzle element to the platform type mini games, hidden keys can also be found. Use these keys to access secret passages. This my nephew, Andrew, found out on his own. Surprised me even!

What a busy day it will be for you the moment to start the game. There are 9 jobs to be done and when each task is completed, it's recorded in a job sheet so you know just about when it's gonna be time for your treat with your friends the machines.

The jobs are easy, child's play if I may say. But to add to the excitement, there's also a time limit given just so it's that more challenging. Don't finish the job in time and you'll have to start over. Watch the time bar at the top of the screen but you need not worry too much about it if you're resourceful, you can pick up time packages along the way to extend your time.


Minimal maneuvering required so it's easy for children who aren't too quick on their reflexes yet. Sure Bob can run and jump but there's no necessity for him to do so with great timing because there aren't obstacles which will hamper his progress in any way. Just simple up and down, forward and backwards and the occasional "pick up" or "do" command with the "A" or "B" buttons are all that's needed to be done.


Colorful. To put it simply, it's just line drawings with basic vibrant colors. Attractive and pleasing to the eye. Nothing cluttered... nothing to distract the child's attention.

Sound & Music

The Bob The Builder TV theme song at the beginning intro and throughout the game, happy tunes that make the tasks all that more enjoyable.

Final Comments

It's definitely a kids game but I had good fun with it too. It's not one game that I'd keep in my collection but I must say it's one game that my nephew enjoyed so much that he's now asking for his own GameBoy. I asked him for his comments on this game:

"What would you tell your friends about this game?" I asked.

"Fun to play.." he replied, "But I don't want to share!".

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