Bomberman GB / Hudson Soft
Genre Arcade/ Puzzle
Features Super GameBoy Compatible, Password Save, 1-4 Players on SGB
Reviewer Matthias
bombermanI guess you already know Bomberman, since there are so many Bomberman
games for nearly all systems available. For the case that you are a "new" video game-player here's a short explanation of the game.

You control "Bomberman" in an area with Soft and Hard Blocks and of course with enemies. You can set bombs by pushing the button. You can always only destroy the Soft-Blocks. At the beginning you can only set one bomb until it explodes and the fire-radius is very limited. However, as the game progresses, you can improve your abilities by taking bonus-items that are hidden behind Soft-Blocks. Such items increase the fire-radius, lets you set more bombs at one same time, make you move faster or do other great things, but bonus items can also harm you, e.g. make you become ill. Fortunately you can tell what the bonus item is by looking at the icon drawn on it. A level is completed when all monsters are killed.

Now for this special Bomberman game: "Bomberman GB".. Hmm, Hudson really should have taken another name for this game, because like this, the name sounds nearly like the one from the "old" Bomberman game for the GameBoy. But this is the "new" Bomberman game from 1995.

bombermanMaybe you already discovered the difference comparing it with the old Bomberman-games by looking at the screen shots. Our hero , this time, is in the search of the Legendary Treasure. He looks a bit like "Indiana Jones" with his hat. In the second levels he even gets a whip, just like Indiana Jones' too. Even the music , which I first didn't like, but which I now find fantastic, sounds a bit like "Indiana Jones" music...:D

In the Lesson Mode of this game you can enter the first level of all areas and thus get a rough idea of what to expect. This, however, is only a "Lesson", to practice new techniques, e.g. to kick away bombs with the whip.

The normal game is started with the "Story" entry in the main menu. Here you have to fight through 8 different areas with 6 stages each. At the end of each area there is a end-monster as in most other Bomberman games. A new thing here is that you can choose what kind of game you want to play at the beginning of each area and at every area you can choose between new tasks. e.g. at the first area you can choose between "Monster Trial" (Defeat all monsters within a certain time) or "Monster Count" (Defeat all monsters in a certain order). At the second area you have the choice between "Hideout Swamp" (Destroy hidden hideouts which are hard to find) or "Regeneration Swamp" (Destroy the (non-hidden) hideouts first, then all monsters) and in all areas you can choose between other tasks.

In every area new things happen (you can warp within the level, light goes out until a bomb blast lightens the drum can, ... but hey, I guess I should stop telling you all details... If you die you get a password which enables you to start again at the beginning of the current area. You can also continue directly, then you start even at the same stage and with the enhancements you already received by special-items.
The Battle mode is only available if you play this game on a Super GameBoy on a SNES. You can fight with up to four players. All of you start in the same level and the one that survives the others has won, just like in most other Bomberman games.
Verdict Hey, this is really a great Bomberman game, I especially like the fact that you can choose between two kinds of gameplay each area, so you can choose the one you prefer... I always liked Bomberman, and if you like it too, then you should really get this great game!!!