Puyo Puyo Sun / Compile (Japanese Version)
Genre Puzzle
Features GameBoy, Color GameBoy and Super GameBoy Compatible, 2-Player
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Reviewer Valerie
puyo puyo sunA Tetris-like game in which you are required to place the dropping colored "slimes" into place so they make a formation of 4 or more and "disappear". There is a practice mode and a vs mode with which you play against a computer (CPU) opponent. The later is more fun as you see yourself or the opponent in a box between the 2 frames. When you gain a point by either removing a certain number of "slimes" or completing your frame, you hit your opponent and take center stage. Above the character box, there is also a yellow rabbit looking mascot that cheers you on and keeps score.

GamePlay is simple yet challenging. And what's most important is that you don't need to know a word of Japanese to enjoy the game. You can see what combination of slimes will be coming next so you can calculate your move but be quick or else "obstacle blocks" from your opponent if he completes a certain set will come to you making joining up your "slimes" more and more difficult.

The music that accompanies the game is nice, cheery and fast-beat. This is what makes you anxious at times. Very colorful... very nice... and the intro graphics are fantastic!
Verdict This is my first Japanese import for my Color GameBoy and I was very impressed. What I also liked was that the game has an "adopted" charity. Yes, Action Against Aids and their logo and aids reminder appears with cute graphics at the beginning of the game (when you turn your machine on). Interesting also is that this game is "programmed by Compile - a member of Sega Enterprises". Says so on the intro screen.

Get it! Even if it's going to be your first Japanese import. You'll like it!