Tokimeki Memorial Pocket (Sports/Culture Versions) / Konami
Genre Life Simulation
Features GameBoy / GameBoy Color / Super GameBoy Compatible / Six battery-backup saves / 2-Player Link-up
Reviewer Lancelote
The date is April 1997. You begin attending Kirameki High School when you learn your neighbor and friend from childhood, Shiori Fujisaki (long redheaded girl), is one of your classmates. You make it your goal to make her fall in love with you within three years and on graduation day, have her confess her love to you. Of course, there are other girls in your school as well. What will your future hold with them? Only time can tell...

This is the basic story line of Tokimeki Memorial. Impress other girls through academic and athletic skills, and take them out on dates. Sound too easy? Not so, because in between all of this high school romance, you must juggle exams, sports competitions, fashion trends, and much more all while maintaining a good relationship with the ladies. And you don't bring only one of the girls out on dates: you have to plan dates with all of them! Patricia (short blonde girl), for example, will not be happy with you if you don't maintain good status with her friends. Also, if you spend time studying, for example, your athletic abilities will decrease, as well as increase you stress level, and decrease your stamina and amusement! You need to balance these all out in order to excel. Now does it sound as easy?

This game is also available in two versions: sports and culture. In the sports version, you have a yearly competition with sports clubs from other schools, whereas the culture version, you create an exhibit on culture.
Verdict This was my first Japanese import and I was thoroughly addicted to it! The color and detail left me in awe! From the luscious trees to the different dating locations, the graphics are top-notch. TokiMemo is made up of a mix of super-deformed characters and anime characters. Its super kawaii!! ^_^
The soundtrack is cheery and doesn't bore you to death because it rotates monthly.

One of the nice features is that there are several mini-games, including Beatmania, three-legged races, and much more. This game is a port-over from Playstation and Sega Saturn, though I haven't played the other versions on different consoles, I hope to purchase them soon. I wholeheartedly recommend this game, although it is a bit difficult to find. The game is in full Japanese, but I'm in the process of making a walk through for non-Japanese reading gamers. I only wish that Konami USA would translate TokiMemo.