Beat Breaker or " Hanasaka Tenshi Ten Ten Kun" in
/ Konami
Genre Music Simulation
Features GameBoy / GameBoy Color / Super GameBoy Compatible / Battery Save / 2-Player Link Up
Reviewer Valerie

A game best described as "follow that tune" because that's exactly what it is. In Beat Breaker, the object of the game is to use the left, right, A and B buttons of the GameBoy to make up the tune that was played to you before. How it's done is... when the falling "balls" hit the "beat line" in the middle of your left screen, just tap the correct keys to make the tune.

If you're up to the beat, then you get your corresponding "buttons" appear at the bottom of the screen. And like Tetris, 3 or more of the same ones disappear. A wrong tap of your button or the wrong timing will give you a "black face" instead. But no worries because 3 or more "black faces" will also disappear making more room for you to go on with the game until you clear the stage.

On the extreme left of the screen is a "level bar" and in the middle, a "growth bar" denoted by a little plant that you will see growing as you complete each level. Complete the stage and you'll get to see your character grow up. Yup! You start as a baby and progress with each stage.

In between stages is also a short slightly animated comic scene of what your character is going through. Cute! :D

Verdict When I first bought this game, I didn't have a clue as to what it was. Then when it was about to get here, I heard that it was a "Tetris-like BeatMania kinda' game". Not bad I thought to myself since I am after all a big BeatMania fan having played it in the arcades and on all the available consoles it's appeared in. When it got here however, Beat Breaker proved to a a totally different kinda game altogether.

It's not like Beat Mania in that it does not tell you what keys to tap to get the correct tune. You really have to rely on your instincts with this one. Therefore, you really have to remember which button plays which note. It's not quite so difficult once you get the hang of it. And the levels and stages of the game progress depending on how well you take to it so that's another plus.

Took just a little while for me to get into the swing of things and now, it's really quite addictive. Must admit, not as addictive as Beat Mania though.

This game is a Japanese import but again, aside from the menus which are easy to figure out, the rest needs to Japanese guru to be able to master.

In short, it's a great game if you like to memorize tunes.