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Title: Ultimate Paintball
Publisher: Majesco/ Morning Star
Features: GameBoy Color only, Password Save, Difficulty Level Selectable.
Format: Action/ Strategy
Reviewer: Valerie

Screen Shots


I have never been a fan of Majesco's games because more than once, they have failed me. Frogger was a real let down and so was Deer Hunter which I had borrowed from a friend. Well, this was Paintball and no ordinary Paintball said the box... it was Ultimate Paintball and since I have been wondering about this Paintball craze, I decided that I should pick this game up. After all, it seems that I could play one of the most popular adventure games without getting myself all sweaty and dirty. What a treat! Or was it?


Not one who likes to read game manuals, I got into the game immediately. First, I had to choose a team color. It was red, blue, green or purple and I chose blue. My opponent was green and now it was time for me to strategically place my flag. Somewhere not too easy for my enemy to find. Okay... that was done and it was time for me to get into the action and splat my little opponents with globs of blue. I walked through the map and as I hit the enemy icon, I was instantly transported to the playing field where I had to fend for myself with paint ammo and grenades. Rat-a-tat-tat... 2 of the enemies I spotted with the help of the guide arrow at the top of the screen... gone. Hmm... easy... too easy in fact.

With the press of a button, I was back on to the map looking for my enemy's flag again. Oh green one... where are you? Oops! Another enemy team and this time, there were like 6 of 'em. Some of them shot at me and my life bar went down a little but I managed to splat 'em all and soon enough, they were gone too. Not bad. This went on and on until I eliminated about 7 enemy groups. Umm... made me feel like a sniper especially when I crept up to some who thought they were safe hiding behind a tree. Ha!

This game is all about shooting and capturing your enemy flag and to be honest, before I even did that, I was bored. Why? That's 'cause the scenes were all the same and the opponents, just too simple. Once I even just stood there and let them fire at me. Even after standing there for a while, I was still alive. Hee! Hee!

So much for challenge, huh?

You start with 5 lives and I tell you, that's enough to get you through lots of levels if boredom doesn't set in first.


The controls of the game were responsive and that was okay. But to move around, just point and shoot... now that's not much fun. Shooting games with guns are okay, and these days, maybe it's all right with a computer mouse but with the GameBoy directional pad? Nah!

Graphics & Sound

These are not much to rave about either. Good thing is that the characters weren't "Metal Gear Solid" small. You could see them quite clearly in front of you and they're even big enough for you to add a little more fun to your own game by aiming at their head or chest. Music, well, not as exciting as I thought it should have been. Would have been better if it were some blood pumping music that gave you that extra rush but then again, maybe it would have been wasted on a mediocre kinda' game.

Final Comments

Get the game only if you are a little kid wanting to be a sniper. There's really no action and no adrenaline rush if you're looking for one. Like I said, the game is really easy and there's not much challenge unless maybe if you're 8 years old. I'm not saying that it's a horrid game and that it should be avoided at all cost. No. Guess my advice would be, get it only if you want some simple fun splating enemies with colorful gunk.

I'd give this game points for ingenuity. For wanting to be different than the average platform game or shoot 'em up but no points for being able to capture my attention span long enough even to let me capture the flag.

What will I do with this game now? Well, give it to my next door neighbor who has a 6 year old. Maybe he will like it.
Desirability Indicator2/5 points

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