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Welcome to Lancelot's Vault

Here you will find the fruits of my journeys throughout the web. Scouring near and far, I have collected for your pleasure various bits of GameBoy and Pokemon treasures. You are free to download and enjoy these treasures provided you read and understand the disclaimer. So remember to keep checking back often to see what else I have discovered or created for you. Have fun!

Description Format Download
Pokemon Gold & Silver high color icons featuring all 100 new monsters - (Win95/98)

Zip pk_gold_icons
94 KB

GameBoy standard and animated cursors - (Win95/98)

Ash Standard Cursor Togepi Standard Cursor
Ash Animated Cursor Mario Standard Cursor
Pikachu Standard Cursor Link Standard Cursor
Pikachu Animated Cursor    
Pokeball Standard Cursor    
Pokeball Animated Cursor    

Zip gameboy_cursors
5 KB
Emperor Of The Crystal Tower Screen Saver - (Win95/98)
Installation Instructions here.

Zip Exe empcrystow
1,504 KB
SMBDX Screen Saver - (Win95/98)
Installation Instructions here.

Zip Exe smbdx_scr
364 KB
Pikachu! I Choose You! Screen Saver - (Win95/98)
Installation Instructions here.

Zip Exe Ichooseyou
299 KB
Pokemon Gold & Silver Screen Saver - (Win95/98)
Installation Instructions here.

Zip Exe pokegoldsilverscr
267 KB
Ben's Team Rocket ICQ Sound Scheme

team rocket sound scheme
Zip Team_Rocket
768 KB
Pokemon Screen Saver - ( Win 95/98 )
Instructions here.

Zip Exe Pokemonscreensav
237 KB
Pikachu Screen Saver - ( Win 95/98 )
Instructions here.

pikachu screen saver
Zip Exe Pikachuscreensav
171 KB
Pokemon Windows Animated Cursors

poke cursors
Zip Charmander
7 KB
13 KB
Pokemon Assorted Windows Icons

poke icons
Zip Pokemon Icons
9 KB
Lancelot's Pokemon WinAmp Skin

poke skin
Zip Pokeamp
141 KB
GameBoy WinAmp Skin

gb skin
Zip GameBoyamp
22 KB
EAGB will not be held responsible for any bad stuff that might happen to you or your computer if you download any of the files on this page. You download at your own risk, but rest assured that we will try our best to ensure that none of our files have any evil viruses or time-bombs.
Screen Saver Installation

1) Download the file to a temporary directory. This is a self-extracting file so you will not need a zip program to unzip it.

2) After downloading the file, double click on it and you will see the 'WinZip Self-Extractor' menu like the one below. If the path to your Windows\System directory is correct as shown in the window, then click on the 'Unzip' button to unzip the screen saver files to that directory. If the path is not correct, then change it and unzip the files accordingly.

3) After the files have been unzipped, go to your Windows 'Display Properties' menu. Click on the 'Screen Saver' tab. Choose the Screen Saver as shown below. Next choose 'Preview' to see what it's like. That's all.

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