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MadCatz GameBoy Camera Link
Reviewed By Jason

Mad Catz does it again with another unusual but incredibly useful peripheral. Have you ever been grief stricken because you had to delete your favorite snapshots off of your GB Camera just to free up space? I'm sure many of us have, and apparently Mad Catz understands that getting rid of valuable photos can be painful. Here to save the day is the Mad Catz Camera Link, compatible with your PC. (At this time, no Macintosh version is available.)
The idea is so simple, it's incredible nobody thought of it sooner. Simply plug one end of the special cable (included) into the parallel port on your PC, the other into the serial interface on the GB and voila! You can start downloading and saving your pictures in no time. Included is a Windows 95 or 98 compatible CD for the needed software to get your pictures from the camera to the PC.
I found this peripheral so easy to use, and quick and easy to install. It really doesn't take much technical know-how...the only part that really requires any effort is checking your system profile to see what I/O address your Parallel port uses (required in setup) but even that is a snap. The package includes very comprehensive instructions that, if followed properly, will have you in GB Photo heaven in minutes.

The software will let you download, print, modify and even E-Mail your pictures. If you really want to be creative, using a simple animated GIF building program will let you create animation from your pictures. Now, of course, the GB Camera will already let you do that...but by doing the work on the PC, the animation can be HUGE, and even include color and other effects not available on the GB. Or: got a GB Printer? Sure, the little stickers are a lot of fun, but imagine printing that secret picture you took of the girl in the bikini at 8.5" x 11" size! The possibilities are endless once you've got your precious pictures on your PC.

If you're a serious GB Camera photographer, I would absolutely recommend this product. With this handy little device, the GB Camera moves a step up as a true digital camera. Your opportunity to get really creative with the GB Camera has come...and now you can share it with everyone; we here at EAGB would love to see your photographic handiwork!


Parallel Cable (for PC) included: DB25 to GameBoy RS232 Serial.
(If you're using a printer, switch boxes work great.)
No Special processor requirements...all Windows 95 or 98 machines OK. CD ROM Required for Software Installation.
By Mad Catz (retail USD$19.99)

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