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The G-Station
For The Color GameBoy

Remember the Arcade Boy/Hyper Station that turns your GameBoy into a table top console? Great news! A third party manufacturer has just come up with something similar for the GameBoy Color. This time around, it's called the G-Station, and thanks to the iMac craze, the G-Station will come in a variety of fruity transparent colors (picture shown is Bondi Blue). The G-station, like the Arcade Boy, only requires that you pop your GameBoy into it. Once it's in there, the G-Station will supposedly "enhance" your game experience by offering arcade type controls, amplified sound and and bigger screen, thanks to a magnifier. The G-Station might make it's way to your country under another brand name, so look out for it if you want arcade style gaming on your portable Color GameBoy.

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