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Official Nintendo
Game Pak Cases

Name Of Product:
Official Nintendo Game Pak Cases
Marketed Or Distributed By:
Pride USA / Nyko
Cost Of Product:
Toys R Us and all leading Video Game Stores.
Jason Sunrider


Since the introduction of the Game Boy Color Only games, there has been one thing missing - Game Pak cases. Sure, you could keep them in those little bags they provide, but who doesn't lose them in half an hour? Finally, Pride USA and Nyko have come to our aid by releasing six-packs of Game Pak Cases.

Purpose & Features Of The Game Pak Cases

The main purpose of the cases is pure and simple. They help keep the Game Paks clean and protect them from damage.

The Pack contains six Game Pak cases. There was no choice in colors, but each pack contained: 2 Clear Cases, 2 Purple Cases, 1 Blue Case and 1 Fluoro Yellow Case.

Using The Game Pak Cases

They're pretty simple to use. You just press the button on the bottom to open the case, put your Game Pak in it, and then close the Case. When you want to get the game again, just press the button on the bottom to open the case again. Difficult huh?

Pros Of The Game Pak Cases

They're exactly like the cases that used to be included with the games. They're very sturdy in design and they do keep you carts clean and safe. The other good thing is that nearly all your games fit in these cases, the only exception is the Game Paks with the rumble feature.

Cons Of The Game Pak Cases

I would have much preferred it if all the cases were clear. A Fluoro Yellow case can make the label on your Game Pak rather weird looking. One other disadvantage would be that Games in cases do a take up a little more storage space.

Final Comments

I still remember opening my first Game Boy Color Only game and finding no case. It was one of the saddest days of my GBC gaming life (apart from buying Godzilla: The Series ;) ). This was one accessory that I was hoping a company would some-day release. In my mind these are a must have. The only problem is that the cost can rake up pretty quickly if you've gotten a lot of games without cases.

Usability Indicator

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4 points - Near Excellent

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