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Mysterious Gift

Mysterious Gift is a game where you give or receive items by using the infra-red beam of your Color GameBoy.You can play Mysterious Gift with your friends as long as they also have a Color GameBoy and a copy of Pokemon Gold or Silver. You won't know what gifts you have received only after you have finished trading. Sometimes, you can receive rare items that are not sold in the stores. As such, you should try to trade Mysterious Gifts with as many friends as you can. You can also play Mysterious Gifts with the new Pocket Pikachu Color along with Gold and Silver. For Pocket Pikachu Color, however, what item you get depends on the amount of watts you've collected.

The Mysterious Gift option will appear on your menu after you have talked to the girl on the 5th floor of the Department Store at Kogane City. After you have talked to the girl, save then reset the game. After that, the Mysterious Gift option will appear on your menu.

Selecting this option, displays the screen below. By lining up the infra-red ports on two GameBoy Color systems, you can exchange gifts. Remember to place the two ports within 5cm or 2 inches of each other and that you press the "A" button on both systems to actually perform the trade. If you don't, both systems will just sit there forever!

After you have traded gifts, you can easily collect them. If the gift you receive is a room accessory e.g. plush dolls, rugs, plants, bed, posters, you need to use the PC on the second floor of your house to receive it. If, however, the gift you receive is an item like nuts and potions, then you need to head to a Pokemon Center and talk to the man that will appear behind the furthest left counter section upstairs to receive your gift.

This is a list of some of the Mysterious Gifts you can get to decorate your bedroom.


  • Pink bed
  • Polka dot bed


  • Pink rug
  • Water-colored rug
  • Yellow rug
  • Green rug


  • Small plant
  • Exotic plant
  • Big plant


  • Famicom
  • Super Famicom
  • Nintendo 64
  • Virtual Boy


  • Silver Cup - (Win the Pokemon stadium 2 R-1 championship, then trade the Doduo through the time machine)
  • Gold Cup - (Win the Pokemon stadium 2 R-2 championship, then trade the Dotrio through the time machine)


  • Small Pikachu - Mother buys it for you with your money.
  • Small Surfing Pikachu
  • Small Clefairy - Mother buys it for you with your money.
  • Small Jigglypuff
  • Small Bulbasaur
  • Small Charmander - Mother buys it for you with your money.
  • Small Squirtle
  • Small Poliwag
  • Small Diglett
  • Small Staryu
  • Small Magikarp
  • Small Oddish
  • Small Gangar
  • Small Shellder
  • Small Grimer
  • Small Voltorb
  • Small Weedle
  • Small Geodude
  • Small Machop
  • Large Snoralax - Mother buys it for you with your money.
  • Large Onix
  • Large Lapras

Here's the breakdown for trading watts from the Pocket Pikachu Color.

100 - 199 Nut
200 - 299 Bitter nut
300 - 399 Great Ball
400 - 499 Max Repel
500 - 599 Ether
600 - 699 Miracle Nut
700 - 799 Gold Nut
800 - 899 Elixir
900 - 998 Revive
999 Rare Candy

Let us know if you find some more!

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