Pokemon Gold & Silver Walk-Through

Menus Translation Part 1

Choose your name to begin the game.

When you catch a Pokemon, you will be presented with this screen. You can choose to use the default name or create your own.

As the story progresses, you will get an egg. As you continue to battle other Pokemon, the egg will incubate naturally and eventually hatch. In the screen below, Magumarashi is the evolution of Hinoarashi. "MAGUMA" means "magma" and "ARASHI" means "storm".

The battle screen menu can be seen as below. The bar below your HP is the "experience" bar. It rises each time you win a battle, and when it reaches the end, you experience level is increased.

When you enter the Pokemon Center, this is what you will see.

When you go upstairs, you will enter the "Time Capsule" room. This is the place where you can exchange Pokemon from the Red, Blue, Green and Yellow versions.

When you use the PokeGear, you can access the town map and make phone calls. In the screen below:

  • (a) tells you that you are at SHIROGANE-YAMA, or Platinum Mountain.
  • (b) is the Town Map icon.
  • (c) is the Handy Phone icon which you can use to hear information from your mother, friends or the professor.

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