Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Fourteen

Meet Yanagi

This is the Ice Gym. Meet Yanagi. Beware the ice that's slippery and will try to push you away from him.

Defeat Yanagi and you'll get HM 16 - Numbing Wind. You'll also earn an ICE BADGE.

Ice Cave

The Ice Cave is next and here, you'll save several mini-puzzles to solve.

The first of which is a sliding ice-capade.

Next is to push the boulders into the holes on the floor. Then go down and go up to a new town. Don't forget to get HM07 - WaterFall. You'll need it.

Fusube City
This is where the 8th Gym is but you won't be able to enter it just yet.

Heal your Pokemon, equip yourself with HM 02 - Fly, if you haven't already.

And then fly back to Radio City Tower.

The man at the top of Radio City Tower will give you a key after you beat him.

With this key, you can now open the door at the underground tunnel, which was previously locked. Go through the passageway, fight team rocket, unlock the iron doors (it's a random combination), go upstairs and save the man who has been trapped. He will reward you with a KEY CARD.

You come out at the shop.

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