Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Fifteen

Back At Radio City Tower

Now you can enter the part of Radio City Tower which was previously blocked. Keep going up till you find the male and female bosses of Team Rocket. Beat them and the town will be rid of the rest of 'em as well. Now, you're all set for the 8th and final Gym.

8th Gym - Dragon Gym - Ibuki is waiting for you.

This isn't an easy gym, there's stairs to climb and boulders to move before you reach the gym leader.

You beat Ibuki but she doesn't give you your badge. Apparently, she has lost it.

Next surf to the cave behind the gym. Equip yourself with HM-07 Whirlwind and then eliminate the little whirlpool to find the Pokeball.

Pick up the Pokeball and Ibuki comes to present you with your final badge.

From here on, you have 2 choices. Either go back to Wakaba Town for the Pokemon League. While you're there, don't forget to take your MasterBall from Prof. Utsugi.

Or go to Enju City where the Legendary Bird HouHou is. In Pokemon Silver, Legendary Bird Lugia is in the set of caves to the west of Taban City. You only have one chance to catch either so be careful and if you like, save before the battle.

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