Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Sixteen

It's Not The End... Yet...

After you've caught HouHou in Gold and/or Lugia in Silver...

Beat the Elite 4 - Itsuki, Koga, Bruno and Karin - plus The League Master, Lance.

You'll then be entered into the Pokemon Hall of Fame. End credits will roll but all is not over yet. From now, you can explore the improved bits of Pokemon Gold and Silver and revisit the old worlds of Pokemon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

S.S. Anne Ticket

Get your S.S. Anne ticket from the Professor back in Wakaba Town. Now get back to Asagi City. Remember the bridge that was previously blocked off? Give the guy on the bridge your ticket and get aboard S.S. Anne. Fight the gym trainers on-board. Find the lost little girl who is with the captain of the ship, fight another one of the sailors, talk to the captain and exit at Vermillion City (old).


You're now in the old world but you find that you may want to switch between the old and new worlds more quickly. Surfing through the waterfalls each time is tedious so try the monorail. To get onto the monorail, you'll need a pass, so visit the girl at the house (also at Vermillion City). Talk to the clefairy inside, then talk to the girl sitting next to it. She'll give you the clefairy doll that you'll have to give to the copycat girl back in Saffron Town. In Saffron Town, give the copycat girl the doll and she'll give you an unlimited ride monorail pass. In the new worlds, the monorail terminals are in Kogane City and Saffron City.

Radio Upgrade

You may now want to go Pokemon Tower (old world) which has now been converted to Radio Tower for a PokeRadio Upgrade. This would be in Lavender Town, in case you've forgotten. Talk to the man in black with a hat and your PokeRadio will now be able to tune to the PokeFlute Music Station - this station has a very high frequency and you can be sure you'll wake any sleeping Pokemon that's in your way.

8 More Badges

Kuchiba (Vermillion) City - Lt. Surge - Orange (Thunder) Badge.

Yamabuki (Saffron) City - Sabrina - Gold (Marsh) Badge. While here,
be sure to talk to the man in the Power Plant before you leave.

Hanada (Cerulean) City - Misty - Blue (Cascade) Badge

Tamamushi (Celedon) City - Erika - Rainbow Badge.

Sekichiku City - Anzu - Pink Badge.

Nivi (Pewter) City - Brock - Grey Badge. Here at Vermillion City,
you can also go and wake up Snorlax with your upgraded PokeRadio.

Guren Town - Rival - Cream Badge.

Tokiwa (Viridian) City - Gary - Green Badge.

Now go back to Pallet Town and get your Pokedex rated by Prof. Oak. He'll tell you of Shirogane Mountain that is now open to you. Head on over to Viridian City and travel towards Victory Road through a passage that was previously blocked by 2 guards. Out the door and you're at Shirogane Mountain.

You meet Ash and with him are now the most powerful Pokemon in the game. Pikachu (Level 81)... Blastoise (Level 77)... Venusaur (Level 77)... Snorlax (Level 77)... Charizard (Level 77)... and Eefi (Level 73).


You defeat Ash and find yourself out at the Pokemon Center in Shirogane Mountain after another round of credits. Your game is not saved yet. Save it and when you go back later, you'll find Ash no longer there. Good news now is that you can also go back to Nivi City again to get a feather for a chance to catch the other Legendary Bird.

Good Luck!!!

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