Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part One


In other words, Pokemon Kin and Gin, in Japanese. This long awaited sequel to Pokemon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow (Jap) was finally released on the 21st of November 1999. I've been so patiently waiting for this day eversince I first played Pokemon (Jap) Green and Pokemon (US) Red and when I got mine sent from Japan, I was estatic. Couldn't wait to start on it right away.

Before I start with a log of my game, I would first like to thank my dear friend Mari sending me this game, my Pocket Pikachu Color and Limited Edition Pokemon Gold/Silver GameBoy Color from Pokemon Centre Osaka,
"Thank You, Mari!". Silver is my favourite color and as such, I have decided to start with Pokemon Gin.

Getting Started

Start by turning on the game. You will see 2 sentences. "New Game" and "Options". Click on new game and an intro to welcome you to the world of Pokemon will begin. You will then be asked to "Set The Time". Select the hour (left picture), then "Confirm" it. Select the minute, then also "Confirm" it.

Throughout the game, the set-up process especially, you will often be asked to confirm your selection with a screen like the one above (on the right). Remember, the Japanese word on top means "Yes" and the one at the bottom means "No".

To begin the game, choose your name. The menu shows "New Name" with which you must input your choice of name as shown on the right, or choose from any of the given names - "Silver", "Kamon", "Tooru" or "Masao". Note, however, that in the Gold Version, the names are different - they are "Gold", "Hiroki", "Tetsuo" and "Takashi".

You are at home and the first thing you do is log onto your computer.

You go downstairs and your mother asks you what day it is. You bid her a fond farewell, tell her you'll take good card of yourself and you set off on your journey.

Your Pokemon adventure begins in your very own Wakaba Town.

And before you set off, these are what you should know about the game's menu system. "Back-Pack" - This is where your items will be stored for easy access.

"PokeGear" - Check on time or make calls (the screen below shows "call home")

"Your Data" - Check your ID number, your available money, logged time and gym leaders and badges.

"Report" - Your status and to save your game.

"Options" - To adjust message speed, etc. "Exit" - To exit menu system.

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