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Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Ten

Enju City

"UTSUKII" - That's the plant Pokemon that you'll have to fight to clear a path. If you like, you may also catch it for your party. Apparently, Utsukii is rare and hard to find. Can be rather powerful too. You can only fight Utsukii if you use the Squirtle Ointment that was given to you.

After you've defeated or caught Utsukii, go right and talk to a man who will give you TM08. This TM 08 will enable you to crack rocks.

Somewhere along the way, you'll come across a "NATURE PARK". Depending on the day you're there, you may or may not get to take part in the Bug Catcher's Tournament. Tournament days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Now, you may want to revitalize your Pokemon. Go to the PokeCentre and you'll meet your rival again. No fighting. You'll both have a brief chat and then he'll leave.

The house on the left of the PokeCentre has an "ITEM FINDER" for you to pick up.

In the house that's above the PokeCentre is a place where there are many Kabuki dancing girls, each with their own evolution of Eevee - Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon and the 2 new "black" and "silver" evolution for the Gold and Silver versions - #196 EFUI, or #197 BURAKKI.

Fight all the girls and on your way out and pick up HM 03 - SURF from the man at the exit.

At the temple in the north-west part of this town, you'll meet your rival again. Beat your rival, equip your Pokemon with HM08 and you can break the rocks that are in your way.

Fall down the hole in the middle of the room and you'll get to the bottom where you'll see 3 Pokemon statues come to life. The 3 Pokemon will then jump away. Note: At the bottom, there are 2 pokeballs which you won't be able to take yet.

Next step is the 4th Gym.

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