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Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Eleven

4th Gym

MATSUBA is the Gym Leader here. This is one tricky gym. I almost couldn't get in, until Shoji told me of the passageway. Use the pillars and the trainers as your markers and you'll be able to find your way into where Matsuba is. Once there, beat all his ghost Pokemon and get yourself the Phantom Badge.

You'll also get TM 30 - Shadow Ball and get to control Pokemon with levels up to 50.

Asagi City

In the house next to the PokeCentre, there is a man that will give you HM04 - Strength.

Go up to the top of the light house. You will see MIKAN, the Gym Leader. She isn't feeling too well and is therefore not in her gym. She asks for some medication.

Now head west and you'll see three boulders. Smash it! And you'll have Pokemon to fight. The next step is to SURF!

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