Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Thirteen

Back In Asagi City

Go up Radio Tower again. You'll see Mikan and her pet Kangashkan. Talk to her, give her the medication then meet her at the gym for a showdown.

Beat Mikan and you'll get TM 23 - Iron Tail. You'll also get the STEEL BADGE.

Head east now and you'll see a fat man. Fight him and several other rivals to level up.

Choju Town

You won't be able to enter the gym just yet.

Head north.

You'll see a red Gyrados which you can either beat or capture.

Come out of the water and go to the sign. You'll see Lance and chat with him before he takes off.

You'll meet him at the shop now. Talk to him and he'll open up a trapdoor for you. This is the Team Rocket hideout.

Fight at the first level... then make your way down where you'll meet Lance again. He'll heal your Pokemon.

Lots to see and do and many Team Rocket to fight. Be sure to go everywhere. Check computers, bookshelves.. and pick up all the Pokeballs. Go upstairs... downstairs... explore... and open the first electronic door to the Team Rocket Boss. Defeat him, talk to the bird and get a password.

Open the door to the reactor now that you have the password.

Fight all the Electrodes and when you're done, you'll get HM 06 - Whirl Pool.

Next stop is the gym.

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