Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Two

Choose Your Starting Pokemon

Choose your starting Pokemon from Professor Utsugii. There's Hinoarashi, Waninoko and Chicolita. Then when you're all set, confirm your choice. Prof. Utsugi will now explain to you that the machine in this lab is connected to the Pokemon Centre healing machine. You walk out and his assistant gives you a healing potion. What you must do now is go to Prof. Oak and bring back the egg that was discovered to Prof. Utsugi for research.

You now have Pokemon on your menu system.

You also have Porfessor Oak's phone number in your memory dial.

The statistics of your Pokemon are categorised in 3 different pages.

Let The Battle Begin

You are now ready to explore the town. There will be random battles to encounter and you can either choose fight or capture or run. In the battle screen below, the top bar you have indicates your HP while the bottom bar indicates your experience. Once the experience bar is full, your level increases.

To safeguard your Pokemon from fainting, you can equip it with "Mochimono", a potion. To do so, go to your Pokedex, select which Pokemon you'd like to have equipped and simply do so. Only then will your Pokemon automatically regain HP during a battle. Remember, you will still not be able to catch any Pokemon until you get your first 5 Pokeballs from Prof. Utsugi's assistant.


There are many places to explore and things to do now.

Head left through "ROUTE 29" to "YOSHINO CITY OF WAKABA TOWN" and have your Pokemon healed. Should you talk to the old man standing near the Pokemon Centre, he will give you a short tour and a "TOWN MAP".

Next, head north through "ROUTE 30" to "KIKYOU TOWN" where Prof. Oak is. The first PokeGym is also here. Prof. Oak gives you the egg and a Pokedex and then he leaves for Kogane City's radio tower. You stay the night, heal your Pokemon and go on your way. As you step out of Prof. Oak's lab, your phone rings. It's Prof. Utsugi asking you to hurry back because something terrible has happened.

Back At Lab

You give Prof. Utsugi the egg that Prof. Oak has handed to you. As you head on out, Prof. Utsugi's assistant gives you some instructions and hands over 5 Pokeballs which you keep in your backpack.

With Prof. Utsugi's assistant's instructions, you go in search for the girl you just fought on your way back here. Apparently, she has stolen a Pokemon from the Utsugi Research Lab.

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