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Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Three

A Lesson

As you move west, you will meet a boy who will teach you how to catch Pokemon.

Now that you know how to do so, when you meet a Pokemon that you want, you can get your Pokeball from your backpack and use it for capture. There is an new feature in Pokemon Gold and Silver which wasn't present in the other Pokemon games. Notice the Pokeball icon next to the Pokemon's name (in the picture on the right)? This indicates that you have already got this Pokemon in your Pokedex.

Moving On

Now head north and gain more experience points and money by battling the many Pokemon Trainers along the way.

You'll even exchange telephone numbers with a boy called Gorou, a Rattata fan.

Your next stop, "KURAYAMI-MOUNTAIN CAVE" on "ROUTE 31". You can't go through it yet as it's pitch dark. So wait till you get HM 5 (Flash).

Next Stop

"KIKYOU GYM" where you will meet "HAYATO" who only has Pidgey and Pidgeotto. Beat Hayato and get a "WING BADGE".


To the left of the gym is a Poke Shop. Replenish your PokeBalls (as shown belowe) and get more potions and antidotes for your journey. Here's what this store has for sale.

PokeBall 200P
Potion 300P
Escape Rope 550P
Antidote 100P
Paralyse Heal 200P
Awakening 250P
X Defend 550P
X Attack 500P
X Speed 350P
Flower Pattern Mail 50P


At this point in the game, your main character should have evolved. Hinoarashi (Fire) evolves at Level 14.

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