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Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Four

Kikyou City

Out of the Gym, after you've revitalised your Pokemon and bought some potion and antidote replenishments, head to the PokeCentre and speak to the guy standing at the counter. He'll present you with an egg. This is a mystery egg which will be yours to keep and hatch.

Next, go left to "KONTA HOUSE", there, a little boy will trade you Onix.

Tower Of Madatsubomi

The Tower of Bellsprout is your next destination.

Fight your way to the top and you'll get "HM05" Flash.

Back In Wakaba Town

Now go back to "WAKABA'S CAVE".

Equip your Pokemon with your newly acquired "HM05" Flash.

Then, access your Pokedex.

Select the Pokemon with which you have equipped with Flash. Use Flash and the cave will light up.

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