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Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Seven

Gym 2

The Gym Leader here is TSUKUSHI and your PokeOpponents - Kakuna, Metapod and Scyther.

Beat Tsukushi of the Bug Gym and you'll get HM 49 which is REZENZOKUGERI - a slash attack, the ability to use CUT and the ability to control Pokemon up to level 30.

You now also have the INSECT BADGE.

Your Rival Again

As you proceed west after replenishing your health and potions, you'll meet with you rival again. Beat her and proceed left for a FarFetche'd.

Get Cut

FarFetche'd will be in "UBAME no MOR" (UBAME'S FOREST). You'll meet it, it'll fly away again and again until it is cornered.

Once you've got him cornered, a police officer will give you HM 01 - CUT. Equip it, and use it to cut your way out of the forest. Then head north.

Explore the forest for WAZA 02, the go north-west and get WAZA12 at the house.

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