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Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Eight

Kogame City

This is a big city to explore and the cutest Poketrainers I met was this father and son team dressed in Pikachu designed clothes. Unfortunately though, their fighter Pokemon was Buru instead.

Kogane City is where there's a "BIKE SHOP" for you to get a bicycle.

There's even a big "POKEMON SHOP" with lots of floors to explore and things to buy. Before you leave however, don't forget to buy a drink at the top floor.

At "RADIO TOWER", enter and talk to the lady in green on the right. She'll ask you a series of 5 questions and if you get them right, you'll be able to access radio from your Pokegear. The answers to my questions were... Yes... Yes... Yes... No...Yes... No.

"UNDERGROUND TUNNEL" is where you'll find the coin purse for the slot machine game.

Pokemon Breeding

This is where you go to breed Pokemon. Give the male Pokemon egg to the old man, and the female egg to the old woman. Come back in about an hour and the old man will give you an egg for you to hatch. Of course, you'll have to pay the couple for their services.

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