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Pokemon Gold & Silver Walkthrough

Part Nine

Kogame City - Gym 3

"AKANE" is the Gym Leader here.

You'll fight Clefairy and MilkTank. MilkTank is one "flirtatious" Pokemon. If the Pokemon you choose to battle against her is male, she'll try to "charm" him so he won't attack her. MilkTank also has a milk potion that enables her to heal herself should her HP get low.

Beat Akane and she refuses to part with her Regular Badge which allows you to use Strength. One of her team members will, however, persuade her into giving it to you and when she does, she also gives you TM 45 which is "Mellow Mellow".

Out of the gym, turn right and enter a house with the flower lady. Talk to her and she'll give you some Squirtle Ointment (Kizu Kusuri) which you'll need later.

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