About The Creator Of Pokéball Go!

Jason Sunrider is a 22 year old Australian born and bred gamer with way too much time on his hands and a strange obsession with an electric mouse. Around 18 months or so ago, Jason came up with the idea for Pokéball Go! Jason had not even seen an episode of the anime at that time. He had, however, played the Game Boy game extensively and the net was a good source of anime pictures to base characters off. Using the game construction program, Klik & Play, Jason set about making his game a reality.

Unfortunately, the outside world got in the way and Pokéball Go! sat unfinished for many months. A recent turn of events meant that Jason Sunrider finally had some time to complete the game. So although it began construction some 18 months ago, it's only been worked on for about two months in total. Since conception, Jason has seen plenty of the anime and some characters/animations in Pokéball Go! needed to be altered to suit anime.

All game graphics were drawn in Klik & Play using the mouse and it's drawing program. The large Pikachus (seen at the start and end) were drawn on paper with pen, and then scanned in and colored on the PC. Titles were made using a Pokémon Font found on the net, and Word Art in Microsoft Word. At the time of writing, no additions to the game have been planned.


Minimum System Requirements
  • 486 DX 2/66
  • 8 Mb RAM
  • 256 Color Display
  • Windows 3.1 or later

For the full gaming experience, Sunrider Entertainment also recommends the use of a 16-bit Sound Card and a Joystick.

About The Game

Imagine a world unlike any you've ever seen. Imagine having powers beyond contemplation. Now imagine every human you see trying to capture you in a Pokéball. This is the world as seen by a wild Pokémon. This is the world of Pokéball Go! Take control of a wild Pikachu and make your way past all the Trainers through to the Pokémon Sanctuary. The last known place that wild Pokémon can go about their business in peace, without having to worry about those evil Trainers trying to capture you.

Pokémon Go! features include:

  • All your favorite characters including Ash, Misty and Brock.
  • Areas include Pallet Town, Pewter City Gym, Safari Zone and more!
  • All new game graphics
  • In-game cut scenes
  • Music from the Pokémon games and anime
  • Speech from the hit anime series

Game Play

Pokéball Go! is divided up in to 10 levels. The object of each level is to avoid the pokéballs being thrown by the trainer for 60 seconds. Once the 60 seconds are up, it's on to the next level and Trainer. In the top right hand of the screen is a score. Every time a Pokéball leaves the top of the screen, one will be added to your score. So essentially, the score represents the number of Pokéballs you've successfully avoided.


Although the controls are fully customizable, here are the default controls.

  • Movement = cursor keys
  • Fire = space bar

Pokéball Go! will also recognize a joystick or control pad if you have one connected to your PC. To customize the the controls, choose "Players" from the "Game" menu.


If you get captured, a password will be displayed in the top left hand corner of the screen. You can use this password to continue at any time, although your score will start at 0. To enter a password at any time choose "Password" from the "Game" menu.

Tips & Tactics

  • Be mindful of Pikachu's tail. When he's running, he's a lot longer than when he stands still, and a lot easier to be hit.
  • There is a trick to finishing the Safari Zone level in under 2 seconds. Can you work out what it is?
  • While avoiding Pokéballs, keep an eye on the Trainer. Watching the trainer's animation could give you that edge you need to avoid the Pokéballs.
  • If you get caught, your score will be reduced back down to zero. In order to get a high score, you'll have to keep avoiding those Pokéballs right from the start.

Fine Print

  • All names, characters, and their distinct likenesses copyright their respective owners.
  • Pokéball Go! is a FREEWARE game. It is free to distribute as long as no original files are altered.
  • Pokéball Go! is a Klik & Play title from Sunrider Entertainment.
  • This version first released August 2000.