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Digital Monster 6
Special Preview
By Valerie

Baby Digimon

First off, it must be stated that Digital Monster 6 for the GameBoy is not an official Nintendo or Bandai product. The developers of this unlicensed game is unknown, although it is manufactured in Taiwan and distributed mainly through the gray markets of Hong Kong and other South East Asian countries. If you happen to see or purchase this game, be warned that there are no warranties attached to it by Nintendo or Bandai, and that purchasing it might be contradictory to prevailing copyright laws in your country.

Anyway, as we reported some time ago, fans of the
DigiMon (or Digital Monsters) virtual pet game, have found a new arena in which to do battle - on the GameBoy! Best Rich, a Hong Kong company, have started distributing a GameBoy compatible DigiMon cartridge based on Version 6 of this popular key-chain game from Bandai. For those that don't know, DigiMon is a virtual pet that players nurture and train from young to do battle with other DigiMon. Version 6, also known as "DigiMon Pendulum" or "DigiMon P-1 Nature Spirits", was the first in the series to have a small ball-bearing inside its case that players had to shake to execute special attacks.

Box Front

Box Behind

Although Digital Monster Six for the GameBoy will not have any ball bearings, it will, however, have special edge connectors built into the cartridge to allow link-up and battle with other Bandai Digimon key-chain games.

As you can see from the pictures below, the edge connectors are positioned on top of the clear smoke-gray cartridge. Digital Monster 6 is in itself, a monster training and evolution game, and those that have played Digimon, will find that Digital Monster 6 follows the same gameplay and mechanics as regular Digimon games. The developers of this unlicensed game have gone whole hog and included a battery back-up that allows game saving and the support of a real-time clock. For more screen shots and information about the Digital Monster 6 game, click on the menu links at the bottom of this page.

Clear Cartridge

Edge Connectors


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