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Moorhuhn 2
1 Player. Battery Save.
Shoot'em Up
Andrew Blanchard



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For a game that's hardly been heard of outside of its native Germany, Moorhuhn is something of a cultural phenomenon. Originally designed as a marketing tool for Johnny Walker Scotch, the game is now up to its third version on the PC and has also been converted to the Playstation and GameBoy. This is its second outing on the GBC with a third on the way and an Advance version planned for next year. So, what an earth is all the fuss about?

Screen Shots


Moorhuhn can best be described as a type of 'Duck Hunt'. A wonderful game that came with one of the original NES packages and had a gun as a bonus. This was great fun as everyone that came to your house was urged to have a quick blast at this new computer game. Why? Because it was simple and almost anyone could hit at least one duck. Here we have a handheld version of that same game and for anyone who's played the first game, this is almost identical. Where it does differ though is that you not only get Moorhuhn but also three additional bonus games.

First let's look at Moorhuhn or Chicken Hunt to give it its literal translation. The object of the game is simple - shoot everything. At least that's what you think at first. In fact shooting different objects makes various things happen. I won't give too much away, but point bonuses and minuses are to be found everywhere. Very basically though, the further the chickens are away from you, the more points you get, although with only 90 seconds and constant reloads, the pressure can give you seriously sweaty fingers and thumbs. Your viewpoint here is of a landscape that scrolls from side to side and your weapon of choice is a shotgun which is depicted on screen as a cross-hair while your shells are at the bottom. Fire a shot and a shell disappears. Use them all and simply reload. The fact that the screen scrolls makes the game a lot more challenging because if there's nothing to shoot where you are there usually is somewhere else on the landscape.

Whack-a-Chick really couldn't be much simpler or more fun to play. In this game the screen is static, chickens pop up and you've got to shoot as many as possible before the time elapses. With no reloads and unlimited ammo, you'll just keep coming back.

99 Moor Balloons is no doubt in reference to the Nena hit of many years ago and is simply about shooting balloons. The screen once again is static with a time bar running across the top. The object here is to hit the red balloons to gain points but beware as some of the other colors deplete your time bar whilst others give you more time.

Spinning Spiders. OK, there had to be a weird one and this is it. As far as we can figure out you shoot the spiders hanging from the tree to get points. Finish one level and more spiders appear from the tree and so on. Very strange.


Throughout the game you control a cross-hair with your 'D-pad'. 'A' is used to fire and 'B' to reload although some modes of play reload automatically. This really is a simple game. There are no special moves or combinations to learn. Just keep firing and reloading. Bliss.


Although the introduction features a Hi-color FMV of one of the chickens flying by the rest of the graphics remain functional. That's not to say they're not good. A great deal of care has gone into the overall clarity of the graphics and you'll never miss a chicken because you didn't see it. The backgrounds remain less detailed with pastel colors whilst the chickens and balloons are vibrant and very easy to see. Just right for this type of game.

Sound & Music

The music is another one of those very fast techno beats which the developers have had lying around somewhere for quite some time. Turn it off and just have the sound effects.

Final Comments

This type of game has been attempted before in the early days of the GameBoy with a comic book tie-in called The Punisher. The difference is it was never done this well. With four game modes and a battery backup to save all your scores this is a must purchase. You'll never have such mindless fun with your GBC. Although only available in Germany at the moment there are plans to license the game elsewhere. If you are visiting Germany however bag yourself a copy. You won't regret it.

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