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The Game Boy Advance (often abbreviated to GBA) is a 32-bit handheld video game console developed, manufactured, and marketed by Nintendo. It is the successor to the Game Boy Color.

The Game Boy Advance became the contemporary flagship of sprite-based games. With hardware equal to the Super NES, it proved that sprite-based technology could still entertain and live side by side with the 3D games of the day's consoles.

Just like the many coin based machines like pinball, slots and arcade which have become obsolete but still very popular, the GBA too is still popular, particularly among old-school gamers. The Game Boy Advance not only has typical platform type games, but also a huge collection of SNES-style RPGs (role-playing-games).

Due to the increasing number of games ported from various 8-bit and 16-bit systems of the previous eras, including the popular Super Mario series, as well as its compatibility with all earlier Game Boy titles, the GBA is still relevant and played even to this today.

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