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Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear
Ubi Soft
1 to 4 Players. Battery Save.
Andrew Blanchard



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The last Rainbow Six title was released for the GBC soon after the acquisition of Red Storm by Ubi Soft and was generally well received if a little ambitious. The events in Rogue Spear take place just after the campaign in the PC version which I'm aware means absolutely nothing if you haven't actually played the game. To summarize this title is a challenge in itself, much in the same way that Metal Gear Solid, was so I'll keep this introduction really short in the hopes that the review will explain just what you're getting yourself into...

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As the leader of Rainbow Six you control a covert international team combating terrorism around the world. Your work obviously demands a cool head and leadership skills second to none and in order to survive this title you'll need these and more. All missions start out with an initial and detailed briefing and then it's off to recruit your team. Here you're greeted with a whole host of men of very different skills and nationalities and although most teams consist of four members, some missions will only require a single operative. It's also important to mention here that once a man is killed he'll no longer be available for other missions so bringing everyone back alive is always important.

The missions themselves require both stealth and firepower so relying on one of these aspects alone will lead to failure and as you can't save mid-mission it is essential to work out some plan of action. It's also a good idea to mix your team members as recruiting sharp shooters with recon specialists will greatly increase your chances of success. Many of the early missions require your team to enter a building, dispose of the terrorists and escape with the hostages alive but things get more difficult very quickly and by the time you reach level five you have to employ some very different skills. This is a pure recon mission where the objective is to enter a building and plant bugging devices without being seen. The problem is that the whole area is very heavily guarded and just to make things a little more interesting surveillance cameras are everywhere.

After this missions become more complicated and the area to be covered considerably wider. There's something here for everyone and the whole game is very well designed with a learning curve to suit most players needs. If all this wasn't enough there's the link up which can handle up to four players in co-operative or death match modes. This is a wonderful addition where the whole game becomes like a handheld version of 'Laser Tag' which was popular in the early 90's and will have you shouting instructions to all your team members. The save feature too should be applauded as it contains 5 separate slots which record your progress automatically after each mission. Why can't all games be this simple?


Obviously the control system here is complicated. Very complicated, and anyone who wants a quick blastfest is urged to look elsewhere. Those who have the patience to sit down and master the controls though will suddenly realised just how clever the interface actually is. The majority of the instructions you give your team require three different button presses but this becomes second nature in no time at all. Realising just how involved this game is those good people at Ubi Soft have included a separate card listing the controls which makes playing the game a lot smoother initially. Other developers would do well to follow suit.


The graphics here are well above average and the GBA's advanced color palette has been put to good use allowing better depth of field which is important as everything is viewed from an above perspective. The menu and introduction screens are also constructed with great care and attention to detail. Overall you're treated to a style and quality of presentation that puts some other recent GBA titles to shame.

Sound & Music

The audio side of this title is absolutely fantastic and the quality will hit you as soon as the initial theme music kicks in, reminiscent of espionage/thriller movies. The real treat though is the sound effects which are not only clear and varied but used in such an intelligent manner that they heighten the tension until even the screech of a bird has you jumping from your seat. Your ears will be bombarded with the sounds of the wind and your footsteps changing as you move over various terrain. In addition your team will on occasions shout directions to one another and rescued hostages sound genuinely frightened when you escort them to safety. Outstanding.

Final Comments

For anyone who enjoyed Metal Gear Solid on the GBC and has been praying for an Advanced version this could be what you've been waiting for. Rogue Spear features some of the most involving and immersive gameplay I've ever witnessed on a handheld and I have no problem recommending it to anyone. The only real downside is that there are only fifteen missions which may be challenging for the average gameplayer but 'die hard' gamers may be less satisfied. An instant, very memorable GBA classic and an essential addition to your collection.

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