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1 Player. Battery Save.
Andrew Blanchard



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Sheep is another of those titles, like Worms and Lemmings, which due to the simplicity of both graphics and gameplay have been translated to pretty much every format available. There are other similarities too as all three feature tiny controllable characters over massive sprawling landscapes. Here is the GBA version and Empire are no doubt hoping that it's going to do the kind of business it's done on other consoles. This will, of course, be down to the level of care and expertise employed in bringing it to the GBA and most importantly, if the playability has remained intact. Read on to find out...

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The object of Sheep is simplicity itself. Get your herd from A to B losing as few sheep as possible within the allotted time. At least it should be simple. Problems arise when you discover that your path is never straight forward and in addition to solving puzzles it appears that everything in the Universe is out to get you and your herd. Sheep is battery saved so your first task is to create a diary and choose your sheep dog. These can be named but they have very different personalities so make sure you choose wisely.

Levels start out with a quick flyover of the course and details regarding your sheep quota and the drop-off point. Then it's all up to you. Initially there will be little to harm your sheep and most of the earlier levels will have you collecting bonuses and saving your entire herd with little problem. Just a few levels into the game and things turn a lot darker with traps seemingly around every corner and the sheep becoming more curious about their surroundings. You'll also have to negotiate some fiendish puzzles too from creating bridges to opening doors with no obvious key or lever. There is always more that one way to complete each course so it's entirely up to you if you want to stop and collect the bonus items or concentrate on saving your sheep quickly and efficiently.

The screen layout is clear and informative and your current status can easily be seen in a variety of ways. Obviously the most important thing here is the sheep and just how many you've managed to save but in addition to this you'll also be able to see the number who have met their demise and the few incredibly stupid sheep that are still wandering around poking their noses into electric fences, etc. Just as important as rescuing the sheep however is how quickly you manage to perform this task and the timer informs you whether it's worth risking doubling back to save just one more or to simply call it a day.


Everything has been kept very simple and the majority of the game will have you chasing the sheep, barking at them and picking the odd one up in order to press a button or bypass a cattle grid. All these activities utilize the general GBA layout and the control only gets more complicated later in the game when you may need to creep up on the sheep so as not to scare them. Fortunately this is all explained in text before you'll have to utilize your new skills allowing your sheepdog to concentrate on actually herding the sheep.


Those who've played Sheep before will notice little difference in the actual in-game visuals, as they remain small but perfectly formed throughout the various levels. There are also some nice animations; in addition to the sheep and dogs there's also spot animation on various objects, which really brings the various environments to life. Everything else has been redesigned and the menu systems and back-story are now populated with cute Japanese type characters and even the sheep are bolder and, dare I say it, better looking.

Sound & Music

The soundtrack that runs throughout the game seems to complement the visuals perfectly and while not outstanding nor is it too irritating. The sound effects are much better and range from the sheep baa-ing and dog barking to some wonderfully inventive noises when anything enters one of the many machines dotted around the various courses.

Final Comments

Sheep is a unique title that really can't be ignored and in addition to it being very playable it's also beautifully presented. GBA owners who loved the likes of Lemmings or Chu Chu Rocket should definitely check it out as it contains all the main ingredients that made both of these great games. The downside is the length and budding shepherds who really enjoy the game will find it's over in no time at all. This is addressed to a certain extent with some of the other game modes but the fact is that it's all just a little too short. A little longer and this could have been an essential purchase but as it stands it's good but not great.

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