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Pokemon Crystal
"Latest Information"
26 November 2000
Submitted By Shoji

As I wrote some time ago in my Space World Report, Pokemon Crystal will be released in December in Japan and will be made compatible with the Mobile AdaptorGB that allows data exchange (e.g. Pokemon trading) by cellular phone.

Now in has been reported in the Japanese press that the important character for Pokemon Crystal is Suikun, one of the Legendary Cats (you can see this below in the new box art for the game). This makes the question as to whether the other Legendary Cats like Entei and Raikou will also be present. This unfortunately is still unknown.

Pokemon Crystal is basically the same game as Gold and Silver, but there appears to be some new improvements and additions that has been reported! Please see further information below for the new changes in Pokemon Crystal.

Box Art For Pokemon Crystal

1. The hero will be challenged by trainer "Minaki" who has an abundance of "Suikun" Pokemon. This is a mystery. How does "Minaki" have so many "Suikun"?.

Minaki Challenge You!

2. In Gold & Silver version "Suikun" does not appear on the field. In Crystal, "Suikun" appears on the field. This unusually occurs in the remains of "Arufu"!

Look! It Is Suikun!

3. A new even that concerns "Unknown" also happens in the remains of "Arufu". This event of "Unknown" does not happen in the Gold and Silver version.

4. There is a new radio program that is transmitted where you can learn new passwords.

5. In Crystal, if you obtain the phone number of Trainers, they will not only give you valuable information about Pokemon, they will also give you other important information like for example, what items is on bargain sale at the department store for your purchase.

6. Crystal Pokedex is also being updated with new Pokemon graphics and new facts and information.

7. In Crystal version, when a Pokemon learns a skill, that skill is never forgotten. Unlike previous versions where a learned skill is dropped to make way for a new skill.

Updated Pokedex!

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