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Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Crystal will be compatible with the "Mobile AdaptorGB". It will be priced at 3800 yen and released on 14th December. The game is basically the same as Gold & Silver, except that Crystal will have a function that allows Pokemon exchanges by cellular phone. There is a new female character in Pokemon Crystal, although we don't know yet if she will be the Heroine or another Gym Leader. This is the screen that you will see when exchanging Pokemon using the "Mobile AdaptorGB" The menu will indicate if the "Mobile AdaptorGB" is used or just the regular link cable.

Mario Kart Advance


Although picture taking was not allowed, I managed to capture this real time screen of "Mario Kart Advance". I tried the game and I found it very interesting. The screen is very clear and movement is very smooth. Although it cannot compare with the N64 version, I must say that this GBA version is better than the SNES version. Even with four characters racing on the screen, I am happy to report that it is still very clear and does not seem small. "Mario Kart Advance" showed special effects like falling rain and snow fall. Since this made the course very slippery, it was important to concentrate so that you did not drive out of the course.
Again, I am being sneaky by taking this secret picture of the GBA. Now we know that the ear-phone is connected at the top, and the link cable is connected at the bottom of the GBA.  



These are the screen shots of the game "KURUKURU-KURURIN" for the GBA. The object of the game is to make it pass rotating guard-rails to complete various goals. There is an acceleration button, but timing is very important. It is a difficult game, although it looks very simple and easy to play.

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