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Lennart's Zelda 4 Map & Guide

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About The Author
history & updatesMy name is Lennart Leander, I'm a 33 year old game player with a real bad Zelda obsession. I've been playing games on almost every system known to man since the beginning of dawn. Right now I'm playing on a PC P-166, GameBoy, Nes, Snes, N64 and I also betray my Nintendo's with a Play Station now and then. I've got my whole family involved in the gaming excluding our pets, because they're not great gamers.

The current family status is : Wife, 3 children ( 3, 9, 11 ), 1 huge Dog, 1 small Lizard and a lot of Fishes. We've got NO problem to make the time go by as you might have figured out for yourself.
Why I Made This
You might call it obsession, I call it T.R.I.B.U.T.E. to one of the greatest game series ever made.

Some years ago Me and my wife did a Zelda 1 ( NES ) map on paper, sure it looked great but there is a lot of page turning before you've found what you were searching for.

So I thought : Why don't do a HTML version instead !, but because of the time we've spent doing the paper version for Zelda 1, I felt that it would be greater to dig in to something new instead.

And viola ... The Ultimate Zelda 4 - FAQ/Guide/Map was on the way. I will add some sort of "How Did I Do It" guide in a forthcoming version.
How Can You Help
Any information about Zelda 4 - Link's Awakening are welcomed so if you got something to contribute, please feel free to send me a E-Mail.

You've might have found a Secret Seashell in another place than the ones I refer to and so on. So don't just sit there with your knowledge, give it to me!

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