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History & Updates

Ver 5.0

This is the final release of the Zelda 4 - Faq / Guide / Map. From now and on it's up to you to send me questions / requests for further updates. I removed the Walkthroughs for Level 1 - 3 because it was to hard to make sure that everything was correct.
So if you're stuck in any place, please E-Mail me with your questions instead. As stated above the forthcoming updates will be based on the questions from you and can be found under the FAQ section.
This does not in any way mean that this page is dead, but I felt the urge to start mapping another game. The next Map will be Final Fantasy Adventure, so please check back at this great sight of joy and amusement for The Ultimate Final Fantasy Adventure - Faq / Guide / Map !

Ver 4.8

Wrote a Walk through for Level 3, Clean up the Walk through for L1 and L2 (Removed some useless pointers) added a download file called Z4_U_48.ZIP for those of you that already leached the 4.7 version. Just install it in the Main Zelda 4 Root directory and all the files will land in the correct directory.

Ver 4.7

Welcome To One Of The Most Recently Hosted Guests At EAGB - Zelda 4 - Link's Awakening ! Since 980813 I'm Proud to announce that I'm hosted by EAGB ! I've done the "Walkthrough" for Level 2 and rearranged "WT" for Level 1
As always I'm thankful for E-Mail's regarding the game / hints / tips / questions etc. I'll try to make the others ( Level 3 - 8 ) during this weekend. I've updated the "ZIP" with version 4.7 and all further ZIP's will just be "Small" updates Well signing off for right now ... But I'll Be Back ( Ain't that one catchy ! )

Ver 4.6

I'm Back ... Again !

Done some updates to the "Faq" section, added a walkthrough for Level 1, Solution to the "Walrus" problem, Solution to the "Ghost" problem ( Thanks to Kody Dollins for inspiration ). You know without people asking questions there wouldn't be any "Add-Ons" Will do some updates during the forthcoming week, just don't know what, when and how. Gosh I'm tired ... again ... ( Picture This Homer Style ) ... Tired, Must Sleep, Can't Be Awake ... Doh! :)

Ver 4.5

I'm Back
No Updates Today ... To Tired ... Must Sleep ( And Play ), I'll Be Back O'yes ... Updated The Links ... Bye!

Ver 4.5

A.W.A.R.D.E.D. - I've retrieved a AWARD from eagb. This is the kind of thing that make me tick, Thanx :) Some minor updates to the Cross linking in the Map and a Awards piece, otherwise nothing new. I'll be gone for 3 days ( 30/7 - 1/8 ) so if you have any question regarding Zelda IV please check the FAQ or hold your horses. ( I'm not sure why I'm changing the Version number ... but what the heck ... It looks goooooood ! ) And for your pure knowledge and entertainment, I'm going to the countryside to R E L A X ( but I guess the GB goes along ). Yes one more thing, in case you didn't see it ... I've changed the history order ( latest on top ).

Ver 4.1

Added A Little Logo 4 U To Press On ... Ain't It Nice ?

Ver 4.0

Yeeeeess, at last Great Speeeeeeddddd improoooveeemeennnt ! ( Well, well haven't we heard that one before ! ) Beta status removed ... Once again ( nag, nag ) rewrote / redone / adjusted / whatever. No loading of pics in lower menu before requested ... ( Easy / Effective ) Added some parts under the "FAQ" like a Find The Key part and so on. With the risk of being a "Nag-ger" ... Thanx Again. Be Sure To Check Back For Further Updates, and keep 'em E-Mails Coming ...

Ver 3.0b

Rewrote the whole Schmackaro ... Once Again, God Damn it Takes Time to Save Time Well, well let's see if we can get this one to run a little faster ... Hmmm ;} The "Main" Map has been Chopped into smaller pieces, and the "ZIP" under download has been updated to V 3.0b - ( Sorry for the inconvenience ). Added a [ + ] to the Map page for navigation, so it it jumps 4 pics per click. Got some really great support from the nice people at eagb. Make sure to pay them a visit, it's worth it ! And to all the rest of you Gameholics, Thanx for Support / Advice

Ver 2.1b

Bummer, Bummer, Bummer - God Damn : I don't understand why the 2.b version runs smooth as water locally on my hard drive but like crap on the net .... ? By some strange reason it's doesn't load some parts correctly ? Is it bandwith or just me being stupid ... ? Well, well uploaded a slower version but running ( guess you'll have to live with it ? ). Any suggestions how to speed up the "viewing" process anybody ? Added a Download section were you can get this map to run locally.

Ver 2.b

Woooow, what a feedback from The People ... Thanx A lot ! Made a HUGE update to the GRFX and rewrote some of the HTML for Speeeeed improvement ...
Changed all the background colors to "silver" because I find it easier to view. All the parts presented in the lower frame are chopped to smaller pieces for Speeeeeed ..... I'm not sure that all cross links work properly, but I'm sure you all out there tell me :) I don't think I "chop" the "Main" map file, but I am considering to split it into 4 x 4 pieces. About the questions to me about gameplay ... Please view this Map / Guide first because some of your questions are really easy if you check out the Map, Faq or Level sections. That's all for now ...

Ver 1.b

Initial release, some bugs and glitches here and there, but what the heck, it's worth waiting for.


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