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Nintendo Space World Entrance

The entrance, where hundreds of monitors constantly displayed video footage. There were many, many, people.

The GameBoy Advance On Display

The GameBoy Advance, although still considered a trial model. It will be available on 21st March 2001, priced at 9800 Yen. So far, 4 colors are confirmed: Silver/Orange, Silver/Blue, Clear Orange & Clear Blue. A huge model that was on display. Link cable for GBA. Up to four multi-players, and simultaneous screen display using the GBA Link Cable.

Re-chargeable battery pack for GBA. GBA with the link cable. Various views of the GBA with parts labeled. Back view of the GBA with parts labeled.

GameBoy Advance Accessories

The network system that connects the GB or GBA with cellular phones for data exchange. The blue object at the bottom is the "Mobile AdaptorGB". "Mobile AdaptorGB" with GBA. "Mobile AdaptorGB" with GBA.




The ROM Cassette (mobile starter cart) which has a built-in web browser and mailer. The "Mobile AdaptorGB" is sold separately.      

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