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Pokemon Stadium Gold, Silver, Crystal

One of the screen shots of the N64 software "Pokemon Stadium Gold, Silver. Crystal". It will be available on 14th December and priced at 6800 yen. This screen shows a battle between Blacky and Bakufuun. This screen shows Ringuma using the "A limit is torn" attack.
This is the fiery Bakufuun. The mighty Hassamu.



In GB Pokemon Gold & Silver, you can place various items in the Hero's room. "Pokemon Stadium Gold, Silver, Crystal" shows this in glorious 3D. One of the mini-games.    

Serebii Download At Space World

The place to get the special Pokemon Serebii. You can get Serebii downloaded to your Gold & Silver cart only if you have this ticket for exchange.
Like Mew, this is the special machine that downloads Serebii to your cart. I am so happy! This is my Serebii.

GBA RPG "Ougon no Taiyou" - Golden Sun


Looks fantastic! Battle screen, showing the Hero's party from the rear. Beautiful effects as the Hero hits the enemy.  

GBA RPG "Zelda GB"


New screen shots of Zelda GB.

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